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Fine Arts Club
"A child is a gift with a gift within " - Our fully functional Fine Arts Club provides the correct stimuli for their talents to take wing.
Our Fine Arts Club gives our students a broader view of art and the many forms it takes. The choice is many - Glass Painting, Fabric Colouring, Clay Modeling, Paper crafts, Music, Singing. Activities include exhibitions, field trips, service projects, listening to speakers, music contests, etc. These cultural experiences give our students a chance to view and appreciate the different forms of art. Your child will be provided with every opportunity to display their talents. Faculty members inclined towards Arts are specifically chosen to be part of the Club and they enthusiastically support and encourage the young imaginative minds to participate and learn, and add to their all-round development. The motto of our club is to inspire and enable our students to actively learn and develop their latent skills as that will elevate artistic expression and develop supportive relationships with our community.


Computer Lab
Computer education is provided from Class LKG - XI with the aid of full fledged Computer Lab. The assessment is done terminally, by providing grades. The software is used for assessment. Computer education is an essential segment of our education. It is our aim to prepare your child for the digital technology awaiting him or her in today's modern society. Since computers have been incorporated into the teaching activities, it has been an easy transition for our students. Our computer lab is designed to be user-friendly. This spacious facility boasts a fair number of machines for the students to individually practice, review and perform. They learn the proper usage of the computer, to create their own little masterpieces, and ofcourse the teachers are always at hand to assist. No wonder this is one of their favorite spots!.
We have 1. Spacious computer Lab having 30 P4 computers with LCDs.
2. Broadband Internet connection to all PCs
3. Network (LAN) connected to all PCs
4. N-Computing technology to access a server to any PC
5. 24 Hrs. backup to all PCs


To enable the students to work in a mathematicslaboratory, there are essential raw materials is as under:
I) Circular discs
II) square/rectangular plates cut from thermo Cole sheets, different solids like cone, cylinder for drawing different shapes and making observations for various computations.
III) Measuring Equipment
IV) Display models
:v) Working Models etc.


Biology Lab The Biology Laboratory is interactive and inquiry-based. Every exercise is a simulation which exposes our students to the wider spectrum with the subject. Our fully equipped laboratories complement the experiments conducted and provide the ideal atmosphere for the young fertile minds..

Science / Physics / Chemistry

Chemistry Lab Awaken the hidden scientist in your child! At our Chemistry Lab , our students learn the principles of Chemistry, the important techniques for safe chemical manipulations and to verify chemical principles.

English / Geography

To nurture thirst for knowledge, creative talents , communication skills, open mindedness , courage of conviction, self reliance, team spirit, leadership qualities and basic human values and cause all round development, so that they would become successful anywhere in the world and accepted globally.


Library It is the mind that makes the man, and reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Keeping this in mind, our school library caters to the various reading levels of the different age groups and houses a fine set of reference, fiction and non-fiction that encourages your child to visit its portals again and again. It is the main resource center for our students and faculty at HJMPHS. Our students are encouraged to utilize the library facilities for their projects and reference work. After school-hours , The school organizes various activities which encourage reading apart from their daily academic studies. The library subscribes to various newspapers and magazines which not only broaden their horizons but also assist them in their efforts to gain more fluency in English. The children are encouraged to read the newspapers and we have introduced News, Campus News and Quiz at the morning assembly. The library also houses a wide selection of books in Marathi and Hindi, thereby stressing the importance of learning and appreciating the rich diversity of our own vernacular. Your child can reveal in the world of great Indian authors like Sudha Murty! Our students form an eternal invisible bond with Indian literature and are without any doubt, richer by the experience.